GOT7’s Brand Shows Its Side in Breath of Love


GOT7’s Mark shows his most aesthetic side for “Breath of Love: Last Piece,” the new K-pop group comeback. The boys of JYP are one week away from releasing their new material with a pre-release song titled “Breath,” which will premiere on November 23.

His new album will close the love trilogy that began with “You calling my name” and “Not by the moon”, giving one last breath of love. Mark starred in the new comeback teasers.

Through their official social networks, GOT7 revealed new individual teasers starring Mark Tuan, the group’s main rapper showed 3 different facets in a series of images that have already registered more than 50 thousand RTs and 60 thousand likes. The idol modeled with different outfits that managed to capture his masculine beauty.

The boys of GOT7 are two weeks away from surprising AhGaSe with new music inspired by love and the moon phases, building an ethereal and poetic concept to make winter warm thanks to their voices. His first song is titled “Breath” and will be released next Monday.


The GOT7 rapper was in charge of starring in the new teasers, the idol posed for a trilogy of images that show different shades, the first of which is a grayscale, where he wears a large sweater of the same color, a white shirt and looks a natural look.

The second shows him in an image with cold tones between blue and pink, highlighting more his facial features and the complexion of his skin in an ethereal way. Mark decided to put on a pair of pupils, a white shirt, and wear some piercings.

Finally, he decided to pose in a red suit, showing himself much more dangerous and with a sexy aura, managing to captivate his fans with his gaze fixed on the camera lens. Ahagse shared various messages on social media to share his excitement and praise the rapper.

AhGaSe also fell in love with JB’s look, the idol showed off his famous mullet in their individual teasers for “Breath of love: Last Piece.”


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