GOT7’s BamBam Announces Coming To New Company


The GOT7 members continue to surprise with their solo projects, and BamBam reveals details of their plans.

BamBam launched new social networks along with the announcement of his joining ABYSS, the GOT7 member presented the beginning of this new stage with a video full of charm and style.

For a few days the Thai idol had left clues about a news that would arrive soon, although speculation about the rapper’s plans was immediate, it would be a matter of time before BamBam revealed his arrival at a new company: ABYSS Company .

The idol shared the news through his personal Twitter, where he excitedly made several posts about this new beginning. BamBam also announced his new accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, as well as a YouTube channel where he has already published his first clip.

The GOT7 member appears wearing different outfits that show his great style and at the same time the idol begins this new facet in his career.


ABYSS Company is a new phase of what we previously knew as MakeUS Entertainment, the company works with incredible artists such as Urban Zakapa, Sunmi, and Park Won, so expectations for BamBam’s future plans have been raised to the highest.

The company also welcomed the idol by sharing an image in orange tones where BamBam wears a fishnet shirt and a shiny jacket, a publication that is already receiving the affection of the AHGASES .

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