GOT7 Youngjae Fashion 2022: Here’s a new airport outfit that you can add to your collection


Recently, GOT7’s Yejae was spotted at Incheon Airport heading to Manila, Philippines for K-pop Masterz 2 (which took place on September 23). His participation in the show came after his solo meeting with fans and a mini-concert called “SUGAR IN MANILA” in July last year.

As always, Yejae attracted the attention of fans with his simple but chic look. I wonder what items he used? Keep reading!

GOT7 Youngjae Fashion 2022: Here’s his outfit at the airport after flying to Manila for K-pop Masterz 2

1. Sweatshirt

First, GOT7’s Yejae was wearing a brown hoodie, which turned out to be the product of a collaboration between SUPREME and Missoni. It’s called the SUPREME x Missoni – Logo Embroidered Hoodie and costs $275.

In case you can’t afford the product, don’t worry. We were looking for a more budget-friendly brown hoodie that can be personalized. You can either make it like DIY SUPREME x Missoni, or design it the way you like. Here’s a brown hoodie you can buy.

If you need a hoodie with ties, you can view the products here (but at the time of writing this article, there was no brown color). If you prefer a lighter shade of brown, we found it here.

2. Sweatpants

During his departure to Manila for K-pop Masterz 2, GOT7’s Jae also wore SUPREME sweatpants, but this time it was a product created by SUPREME in collaboration with Champion. SUPREME x Champion sweatpants cost $148.

Many fans may not be able to purchase this high-quality product, so we conducted research to find a more affordable pair for you. We found Champion joggers for men and women that are somewhat similar to what Yejae wore. If you prefer other designs and colors, you can find more products here.

3. Sneakers

The Shox Ride 2 from SUPREME x NIKE is a pair of sneakers in which Yejae from GOT7 was seen. This shoe costs US$ 929.

Due to the high price of sneakers, many Ahgases (GOT7 fans) may not be able to buy this pair. As a solution, we were looking for high-quality sneakers at a much lower price. Although they are not exactly similar to what Yejae wore, they are still stylish in their own way. We have found several options for you.

Click on the links to view them: Option 1, Option 2, Option 3 and Option 4. The shoes are available not only in white, but also in other colors.

4. Large bag

It was also noticeable that Yejae was carrying a blue large bag during his flight to Manila on K-pop Masterz 2. It was an A.P.C. – A large Laure bag made of blue canvas worth $116.

Of course, we were also looking for an alternative and more budget-friendly bag for fans who don’t want to spend too much. Here is a simple blue large bag that you can decorate as you wish. If you prefer a large rectangular bag, we also found a simple one. Just click here to see the product.


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