GOT7: What will happen to the members after the contract ends?


Ahgase hopes to continue supporting all the boys, whether in a group or individually, as they are expected to continue their career in K-pop.

GOT7 could embark on a new stage in their career as K-pop idols, after the possible disbandment of the group, the boys could seek offers with new agencies.

In less than a week, the group will celebrate their seventh anniversary, but there is still no definitive plan for the future of their career. This weekend they attended the Golden Disk Awards, where they presented their most recent singles and won the trophy for Best Album.

After the first reports that GOT7 ended their contract with JYP and decided not to renew, Ahgase shared various messages to show their support and support the decision of each of the members, as there are rumorsthat they could have one last negotiation, but they argued that the team is 7 or nothing.

As of now, there is no official statement from the agency, but the boys will continue to promote as a group for the remainder of the current contract. Their 7th anniversary will be celebrated on January 16, so they would have some activities to meet up with their fans before going their separate ways.


After their current contract comes to an end, the boys could continue as a group without going through a disbandment, but will each have to negotiate with their new agencies to continue promoting under the band’s name or a different one.

The offers and rumors for the GOT7 members are as follows: Jinyoung was the first to unleash speculation, as it is said that he would sign with BH Entertainment and continue his acting career. Mark Tuan could return to the United States and focus on his YouTube channel and solo career.

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Jackson Wang is backed by Team Wang, and China is the third-largest market for K-pop.JB has offers for the Hip Hop Labe agency , Yugyeom would be in talks with AOMG, a company founded by Jay Park. Youngjae has been linked to Sublime Artist Agency, BamBam would be taking promotions in Thailand and Korea with MakeUs Entertainment.

Ahgase awaits the official statement and will continue to support their careers alone or as a group.

During the early morning hours, it was reported that the boys did not want to renew their contract with JYP, although the company would be trying to take the last word before ending their employment relationship.


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