GOT7 is a victim of hackers on YouTube


GOT7 is a victim of hackers on YouTube. The company of the boys has not communicated anything about it, awakening the discomfort of Ahgase.

Recently, fans of the JYP group noticed that upon entering the group account a video appeared with the title Just Right , name of one of the most popular songs of GOT7 , however, the miniature image reflected that it was not a material about the group.

With a cover that reads the title ‘Real Talk’, where a person appears, an alien spacecraft and a couple of buildings, the update of this video did not alert all fans subscribed to the channel , so the news brought a little in reaching the ahgases who immediately sought to communicate with JYP.

Although many chose to report the video, the fanbases have requested that instead, emails be sent to the boys’ company and to Division 2 , which is in charge of GOT7 promotions and networks .

The GOT7 account on YouTube is generally responsible for updating alternate content to the boys’ comebacks, while JYP Entertainment shares the official videos released by the group.

Ahgases from all over the world have expressed their annoyance because the company has not said anything about it, but mainly because the management of the networks and the promotions of the group have long seemed deficient.

Often the JYP artists’ posts are placed on the wrong pages and in the most recent returns of GOT7 the promotions have started late, as if that were not enough there has been no restocking of the group’s albums on several of the sites of music, directly affecting sales results.

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Despite this, it is not certain if the group account was used by others or if it is a YouTube platform error, since all the videos uploaded with the information of ‘Kong Love – Real Talk’ they include in the last part of the description the legend ‘Auto-generator by YouTube’, however this is the only video that was associated with a different account.

Watch here the video of Just Right that if it corresponds to the group, to see the video that was uploaded illegally to the boys account, keep scrolling down and you can find it.


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