GOT7 thrills fans with the teasers for Encore’s MV


GOT7 Members Are Ready To Show Their Friendship Has No Limits And Will Keep Working Together. GOT7 has just dropped new tracks announcing their upcoming group release! The boys will release a new music video and it will be their first group project since leaving JYP Entertainment.

The emotions continue for the fans of the idol group, because although the members have started working on individual projects, they have not stopped emphasizing that GOT7 continues. Although there was the idea that this year it would be focused on the solos of each member, a pleasant surprise came with a round of spoilers very much in the style of the group.

The personal Instagram accounts of the GOT7 members shared stories with a black background and a white letter in the center, by joining these images the fans discovered that they make up the word encore, a term used for the extra part that is added to concerts such as a continuation to continue having fun with the public.

This strategy had been used before by the group, so fans knew that something big was about to be announced.


A new YouTube channel by the name of GOT7 shared their first clip and it is nothing more and nothing less than the teaser for a new music video for the group. In the images with black and white tones, we see the members meeting and sharing fun moments, giving it an emotional effect.

Encore is the title of the song and it has been stylized with an infinity symbol instead of the letter O, a sign that GOT7 and IGOT7 will be together for a long time. The teaser video was also published through the Warner Music Korea channel and was supported by Twitter accounts of the same company and its headquarters in other Asian countries, which seems to indicate that group comebacks for the future will be promoted together with they.

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