GOT7: Their Best Songs in Korean Dramas


Meet the best collaborations between GOT7 idols and Korean drama productions, the voices of the members of the JYP Entertainment band have enlivened multiple K-dramas with their OST.

The soundtrack of a production is very important, as it has to comply with the founding of setting different scenes, whether they are of death, pain or farewell. Korean dramas always have great OSTs to liven up each of their chapters.

GOT7’s singers and rappers have worked with various dramas, creating incredible tracks that are now part of the playlist of their millions of fans. GOT7 idols have shown their artistic versatility with their collaborations for multiple South Korean series.

This time we bring you the best drama OSTs that are performed by the members of the K-pop band GOT7. What is your favorite soundtrack track? ‘Take’, ‘At The Usual Time’, ‘Hold Me’ or ‘U & I’.


U & I

Jackson Wang and JB joined their voices for ‘U & I’, a song that is part of the OST of the drama ‘The Package’, a 2017 romantic series produced by the JTBC television network.


‘Take’ is a song by Jus2, a group composed of JB and Yugyeom from GOT7, the adorable track belongs to the OST of the drama ‘He Is Psychometric’, a series starring Jinyoung.

At The Usual Time

‘At The Usual Time’ is a song performed by Youngjae, the GOT7 member lent his talented voice to be part of the OST of the Korean drama ‘Wok Of Love’.

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Hold me

‘Top Management’ is a YouTube original series and GOT7’s Jinyoung contributed a track for the drama’s soundtrack. ‘Hold Me’ is a fun song with a special rhythm.

Be with you

‘Be With You’ is a song by GOT7’s JB that is part of the soundtrack of the popular Korean anime ‘A Day Before Us’. The melody is romantic and the voice of the idol goes very well with the musical style.

Novoland: The Castle In The Sky

GOT7’s Jackson Wang provided his voice for the OST of the Chinese drama ‘Novoland: The Castle In The Sky’, a production that was released in 2016. Fans were able to enjoy a great performance of the idol.


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