GOT7: The evolution of JB and his look through photos


Look changes reflect changes of stages and the growth of a person. JB never fails to surprise GOT7 fans with his different styles.

Several years have passed since the debut of this idol in the music industry, before GOT7 rose to stardom, this boy had the opportunity to be part of various singing and acting projects, since that moment JB’s path has not had pauses , but their different looks reflect the growth of this singer.

Just as GOT7’s musical style has changed over the years but retains the essence and color of the group, Jaebeom’s transformations are proof of the progress the boy has made in his career and as a person.

The idol does not hesitate to experiment with new trends and add the necessary details to feel comfortable, but as he has revealed, he usually gets bored of it and looks for new styles, so he has given us incredible changes of look that AHGASE fell in love with. .

Tell us in the comments which of the following JB stages is your favorite according to the idol’s look.



The idol debuted as part of a duo called JJ Project and at that time he wore his hair in a light color, with a cut very different from the ones he has featured as part of GOT7. JB’s face revealed that he was still a very young boy but his ambition to grow within the music industry was already present and it was demonstrated by his determination.


Following his debut with GOT7, JB styled his hair look slightly shorter, going through colors like platinum gray and later dyeing his hair black for Stop Stop It promotions.

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Although JB kept his dark hair for a while, he again ventured to dye it color and this time he chose a shade of red that accompanied him during the MAD era, making a large number of fans fall in love.


An unforgettable look throughout his career was the undercut style that he wore in the Flight Log: Turbulence era. To complement his style, JB chose to include black garments that gave him a charming bad boy appearance.


As time went by we saw this boy grow his hair out, and a new style came with his slightly curly hair, although the top part showed the length of his hair, the bottom part remained without growth to achieve this look that we enjoy at throughout JUS2 promotions.


JB’s hair continued to grow and in DYE promotions he surprised the K-Pop industry with a new look that, accompanying Not By The Moon outfits, made him look amazing. This guy modeled for a large number of magazines and showed different concepts along with his long hair.


GOT7’s most recent comeback was with the album Breath of Love: Last Piece, where the idol wore a mullet haircut for the second time and once again wowed his followers.


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