GOT7 reveals teaser photos for their comeback


In a few hours, fans of the group have received many updates on the launch of DYE.

It was only yesterday when the JYP Entertainment group surprised their followers by announcing their return with new record material and the first teaser for it, where an animation presents a story that refers to the Shakespeare classic, Romeo and Juliet.

After briefly seeing the members of the group mobilize in a cart and write the story for ‘Not By The Moon’ together , fans began to imagine the looks that the 7 boys will show for this concept, keeping in mind the old-style clothes to make them look like all princes.

In a few hours the confusion of the fans that arose after the publications of suspicious Instagram stories shared by the members, began to clear up thanks to said teaser and on that same day, the number of versions that would be released for this mini were announced. album under the name of DYE.

Now, the day began with information about its pre-sale and, in addition, the first teaser images that allow us to see what GOT7 will look like in this comeback. These are images in neutral tones where members pose individually while wearing black and white outfits, all with details and applications of brightness as a common feature.

The images are focused on the faces of the members , who are close to a reflective surface , showing some traces of light and flashes while each one fixes his gaze on the camera.

The album and promotional single for this new era premiere on April 20, so stay tuned for all the details about this new GOT7 release .

Check out the CINEMA TRAILER for DYE below:


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