GOT7 reveals teaser for Breath’s captivating MV


GOT7’s comeback is getting closer and closer, the idols are preparing for the premiere of Breath with a teaser that will captivate you, we will tell you the details of this first single.

The wait for AHGASE is almost over, the GOT7 boys will return with a new album under the name of Breath Of Love: Las Piece, but before knowing this record material we will be able to enjoy a song under the name of Breath, which will represent the beginning of a new era for the group.

All of the GOT7 members wrote melodies for the new album, and in the case of Breath, it is a song composed by Youngjae that has aroused the excitement of his fans.

Although the promotional tune for the album will be Last Piece, Breath will be released as a single title prior to the release of this record material, and the scenes from the first teaser caught the idol group’s fans by surprise.


The teaser for the video begins with JB advancing across the screen as we observe a sign behind him with the caption B.O.L STATION, which could refer to ‘Breath Of Love’.

Then we watch as Yugyeom, BamBam, Jackson, Mark, Youngjae and Jinyoung appear one by one on the screen while casting charming glances as they turn to the camera.

The looks of the idols made fans’ hearts race due to the styles they wear for this comeback, but the melody heard in the background piqued the curiosity of all those waiting for the song’s premiere.

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The release of this teaser was also accompanied by Youngjae’s individual photos. If you want to know more details of the image sets that GOT7 has revealed for each member, you can find the details in Rex Nation.


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