GOT7 reveals stylish group photo for Breath of Love


GOT7’s comeback is getting closer and closer and the first details of the new album have already been revealed, including the first teaser image for Breath Of Love: Last Piece.

The JYP Entertainment idols surprised their fans with a first look at what their next comeback concept will look like. The first teaser revealed the looks of each of the GOT7 members, a charming style for photos along with a touch of elegance.

After a long wait, GOT7 will be back with more music and their fourth full album. The previews promise to capture the essence of each member of the group, and the first teaser captivated the hearts of their fans.


With just one day left before announcing GOT7’s comeback date and title for this new album, the K-Pop group has already released the first teaser image for Breath Of Love: Last Piece. It is a photograph with a blue background without distracting elements that divert the attention of the 7 idols, who remain standing with their gaze fixed.

All of them wear dress pants in different colors ranging from black and white to shades of blue and gray, complementing their outfits with coats, sweaters and jackets in neutral tones.

The elegance of GOT7 was accompanied by the new looks of the idols, among which Jackson’s platinum hair, JB’s mullet and Yugyeom’s long hair stand out, however, each of the members of the group showed their charm of successful way.

The album will be released at the end of November, but GOT7 will reveal a song before this date, know the details about Breath Of Love: Last Piece.

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