GOT7 reveals second teaser and new style their comeback


The GOT7 members showed their connection and new outfits in the second photo for Breath of Love: Last Piece, the response from the fans was there to increase the excitement for this comeback.

GOT7’s social networks were updated with a promotional image for the new album of the JYP Entertainment idol group, although this teaser maintains a color similarity with the first photograph revealed, the aura that the members transmit is totally different and caused great emotion. among his loyal followers.

Breath of Love: Last Piece will be GOT7’s fourth full album and in this new photo we see the idols lying on the ground leaning on each other, showing a bonding image. The position of the members refers us to the choreography of You Are, but also to the Lullaby promotionals, where they wore pastel colors to create a dreamy aura, only this time, the outfits and the image of the idols provide a vibe dark and elegant.

The predominant colors in GOT7’s outfits are black, white and gold, contrasting perfectly with the blue set. Although there are no distracting elements around the idols, we can appreciate a cloudy effect on the banks, adding a touch of magic and charm.


The release of the two preview images for the premiere of Breath of Love: Last Piece caused great excitement among GOT7 fans, who had been waiting for a long season for the idols to return.

Each publication of the group with new updates about their next album has given AHGASE the opportunity to stand out on social networks, so messages of admiration and emotion were not lacking.

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