GOT7 reveals romantic teaser for Breath of love: Last Piece


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GOT7 released new previews for “Breath of Love: Last Piece,” their new album. The boys became gods of love.

JYP’s K-pop group is revealing new details for their comeback, which will take place on November 30. The first theories of the fandom indicate that the boys will close a musical cycle with their previous albums and will find the last piece they needed to find love, in addition to the fact that each return has coincided with the lunar phases.

Through their official social media, GOT7 shared a new group teaser for “Breath Of Love: Last Piece,” their new album, whose pre-release song is titled “Breath” and will be released on November 23. The boys have shown different photographic concepts in each preview and the expectation of AhaGase grows much more, they also compared them to Greek gods.

In the new teaser, which registers more than 60 thousand RT and 70 thousand likes, the boys pose in the middle of an aura of romanticism, the image is shown in pink and red tones, wrapped in a kind of mist, which gives it a very aesthetic touch. Jaebeom also stole AhGaSe’s glances thanks to his look.


The seven members of GOT7 decided to change their outfits and wear simpler and more comfortable ones, in this new advance they posed in the middle of a room, sitting on furniture covered by white sheets. Each of them wore garments in red, wine and pink colors. Jaebeom fell in love with everyone with his flowery robe and mullet, a famous hair style favorite among K-pop fans.

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Jinyoung wore a wine-colored coat made of velvet, BamBam wore a pearcing on his ear and wore a red jacket, Jackson wore a huge red shirt and apparently a leather jacket. Mark posed in a flower-trimmed corduroy shirt. Yugyeom opted to wear a silk blouse in different shades and Youngjae donned black pants with a flower coat.

GOT7’s romantic aura fits perfectly with the theme of their album and song, which will complete the trilogy of “You calling my name” and “Not by the moon” by finding the last piece of the puzzle before taking its last breath of love.

The boys of GOT7 have revealed several previews of their new comeback, some of the group photos have made AhGaSe fall in love


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