GOT7 to release new videos for ‘Not by the moon’


GOT7 to release new videos for ‘Not by the moon’. The group has several surprises in store for Ahgase.

GOT7 made their comeback with “DYE”, whose main sngle is “Not by the moon”. They are currently promoting their comeback through music programs and some shows. However, the boys prepared several additional releases, but their fans have to fulfill a mission, we tell you what it is about.

YouTube has become one of the essential platforms for K-Pop groups, so GOT7 hopes that AhGaSe will help him reach the goal for this comeback, so they can enjoy unpublished videos of “Not by the moon”.

With 28 views, the boys will reveal the dance practice of “Poison”, with 29 million they will launch the practice of “Aura”, if they break the record of 30 million in a week of making the comeback , the group will publish a new video of the main single, this time in its performance version.

So far, the official MV has more than 27 million views, the fandom has set out to support the boys and reach the goal to be able to enjoy the new surprises.

“Not by the moon” has demonstrated the vocal and dance talent that GOT7 has .


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