AhGaSe and GOT7 are celebrating a very special day for them. From the first hours of January 16 in South Korea, the fandom began with congratulatory messages for the group’s sixth anniversary.

Fans shared their memories and messages addressed to the boys, who have accompanied them in this time. GOT7 also took the time to thank them through emotional messages.

Through their social networks, the boys published their personalized messages for AhGaSe. In general, they all appreciate their support, the experiences they have lived by their side, wish their fans happiness and ensure that without them they would not have come so far in 6 years.

Like the fans, GOT7 said that their fandom is the reason why they have strength and happiness in their life and hope they don’t go through bad times and can continue to share memories together over time.

Some words from BamBam were: “I never imagined that time could pass so quickly. Thank you for becoming a good person in the last six years … I am also proud of you.” Jinyoung was a little more realistic, but he decided to be honest with AhGaSe: “I can’t say that I can always get us on a flowery path, but I promise that I will strive with the same feelings as always.”

Mark gave them very emotional words: “I’ve been very happy from 2014 until now. Let’s be happy in 2020 too! Let’s make beautiful memories! Happy sixth anniversary, Ahgase. I love you!” Snif

Happy anniversary, GOT7!

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