GOT7 prepares new summer surprises for the GOTOON …


GOT7 surprised with new looks for their dolls in the latest video of their official merchandise. Throughout its career, GOT7 has displayed different items of official fan-thought merchandise, such as items inspired by green birds or the savings of its fans, but certainly one of the fan-favorite and often difficult items. to get, are the dolls.

GOT7 has released different performances of adorable dolls representing each member of the group, with the GOTOON Doll Arrival being the most recent.

Group members announced big surprises are coming thanks to the SUMMER STORE for dolls, what is it about? In a video posted by GOT7’s YouTube account, some GOTOON animations are featured using different looks, but later we see members designing these makeovers.

The GOT7 guys pointed out that the new release will have a cute concept that fans will really like, so they worked hard on this project.

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