GOT7 Jinyoung shares photos from his birthday celebration


Jinyoung’s 26th birthday has started and the idol is already celebrating this special day, find out how his celebration started.

September is a month full of celebrations for GOT7 fans, this JYP Entertainment group has three members who are part of the virgo line, two of them have already celebrated their birthday, but Park Jinyoung’s turn has arrived and the atmosphere is festive. took over social media.

AHGASEs around the world have sent messages of congratulations and good wishes to this talented idol since September 22 started in South Korean time, but they also got a surprise from Jinyoung.

The GOT7 members have kept in touch with their followers through social media. Jinyoung isn’t exactly the biggest fan of this type of media, so his posts may not be as frequent.

However, anything is possible when a special date arrives on the calendar, so the My Youth performer also gave his fans a gift after seeing so many messages crafted in his honor.


Jinyoung’s Instagram account posted some images through their stories, where we got to see a bit of the celebration that is surrounding this star who has also shown off his acting talents.

The first photo shows us the idol wearing a plain white shirt, but with accessories that announce the party in his honor, he has a surprised expression that looks very funny due to the glasses and headband that accompany it.

But in the second photo, the 1994 born showed us a glimpse of his birthday cake with lots of candles and decorations decorating it.

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