GOT7 is plagiarized by Just Right video


GOT 7 is the victim of plagiarism by artist Lyta in the video “Hold me down.” K-pop has become very popular in the music industry, the genre has been gradually gaining ground thanks to its innovations in music videos, album formats and incredible choreography, something that could inspire other artists to they fall into the copy paste.

Through social networks, GOT7 fans have denounced that the “Just Right” MV was plagiarized by Lyta, a Nigerian singer-songwriter who recently released his single “Hold me down”; however, I do copy several scenes from the K-pop video.

AhGaSe published both videos and made a comparison to show that several ideas were taken by Lyta to recreate them in her work and are totally identical to those of GOT7. In the images there is a girl in the middle of her room, while she opens her makeup drawer.

The group members appear as little humans on their desk, just like Lyta does. The fandom has petitioned the agency JYP to take the necessary legal action so that they respect the work of idols.

So far, Lyta’s video has more than 60,000 views, while Just Right has more than 30 million. “Hold me down” was released 24 hours ago, GOT7’s MV was revealed 5 years ago, so the plagiarism accusation could be possible.

So far, neither the group’s agency nor Lyta have made a statement about it, AhGase has organized to create trends on Twitter to report the video and get a prompt response.

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