GOT7: His History of Girlfriends, Dating and Love Rumors

Find out which artists have been linked to the GOT7 members .

GOT7’s career has allowed us to get to know many facets of the members of the group, and in each of them, the members have shown their talents and abilities, winning the hearts of the fans.

But although this JYP Entertainment group has been known to stay away from scandals, the members have not been spared from being involved in some dating rumors.

For this reason, below we will tell you what are the rumors that have surrounded the members of GOT7 , if any of them have a girlfriend or have confirmed a relationship .

Keep reading and find out about the love history of these guys.


Jinyoung was linked to BLACKPINK’s Jisoo after the two of them became MCs for a music show. According to fans, they had good chemistry and looked good together, however these rumors did not go beyond fan groups.

Bam Bam

During 2017, a photo of this idol with Mina from Twice was released, the image was published on fan sites and the duo was seen using a neon filter, which gave way to rumors that they were dating. A short time later, JYP Entertainment denied the rumors, noting that they are only colleagues from the same company, so they would take action against defamation.


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This idol was related to Kim Lee, a girl who, in addition to being a model, followed Jackson on his Instagram account and repeatedly left suspicious comments. However, they were just rumors created in fan groups and quickly disappeared.

Despite this, Jackson has pointed out on several occasions that when he first started learning Korean, he used to date, as according to him this was a good way to progress in the use of a new language. We don’t know if Jackson said this in a joking way, but he has been mentioned more than once.


JB was surrounded by some dating rumors after some fans saw some of the GOT7 members in a coffee shop, according to the story and photos shared by fans, JB received a call that he answered with a smile. Given this, his colleagues began to tease him and joke with him until the idol chose to leave the premises to continue talking on the phone, but he never left his wide smile while talking.


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For their part, Youngjae, Yugyeom, and Mark, have remained free from this type of love rumor.



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