GOT7 fans demand JYP a better deal for the group


GOT7 fans demand JYP a better deal for the group. AHGASE sues JYP Entertainment for better working conditions for GOT7. AHGASE asks JYP respect the work of GOT7 and give them a better deal.

GOT7 has had a great career, they are one of the most recognized K-pop groups in the world and their record materials always get very good sales numbers and their fandom is one of the most united.

AHGASE is currently campaigning for JYP Entertainment to better promote GOT7’s activities. Supporters claim that the company of entertainment does not have a fair deal with all groups . Some of the demands of the fans are:

  • Protect GOT7 members from harassing fans.
  • Bring the group to more variety shows.
  • Distribute the group’s albums on different internet portals.
  • Support and creation of GOT7 idol solo projects .

AHGASE created the hashtag # BetterTreatmentForGOT7 , it became a trend in social networks thanks to the messages where Internet users demand that the company make better decisions to manage the career of the 7 boys.

In addition, fans shared some videos of different actions that they have taken to promote the music of GOT7 , AHGASE designed banners, advertising posters and other elements to invite people to meet the band .

A short time ago, JYP Entertainment was accused of plagiarism for including an artist’s work in the video for TWICE’s ‘More & More’, the company’s actions were affected and netizens asked that they ‘cancel’ the company.


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