GOT7 decides not to renew with JYP and thus thanks their fans


The members posted various messages on their social media, and they also started with the latest promotions they have under JYP as a group.

GOT7 decides not to renew their contract with JYP, which would end the history of the K-pop group, the boys are expected to undertake new solo projects and say goodbye to their fans.

The idols were in various negotiations to resume the course of their careers inside or outside the agency, with his latest comeback “Breath of love: Last Piece”, Ahgase kept hope that the work situation would improve, but with the date of his anniversary near, the company and the members did not reach an agreement on its future.

Through the Korean portals it was reported that GOT7 decided not to renew its contract with JYP, a company with which they debuted in 2014,According to the first reports, the boys wanted to stay together, but the discussions were not favorable and they decided to go their separate ways, albeit with the promise to their fans of their latest promotions.

The reason behind the end of the professional relationship between both parties is not known, but it is speculated that it could have been differences in the artistic freedom of the group, the null or little promotion they received during their comebacks, among others. Ahgase repeatedly denounced the mistreatment suffered by GOT7 within the agency.


Their seventh anniversary is celebrated on January 16, the last special date they will share with their fans. So far, there are only rumors of the guys signing with different agencies , but it is hoped that they can stay as a group and continue in music. Each of the members shared a group photo on social media with the phrase “GOT7FOREVER”.

Mark shared a special message on his Twitter account to thank all the support of his fans in these years and assured that it is not the end, but the beginning of a new stage, because the boys will show the best version of themselves. AhGaSe made the phrase “GOT7FOREVER” trending and wrote his messages of support and farewell.

It is not known until when their departure will be made official, but the boys participated in the Golden Disk Awards gala , presented their most recent songs and won the Best Album award, they are expected to carry out several promotions before saying goodbye and signing with new ones agencies, with the door open on a musical comeback but far from JYP.

The history between the company and the K-pop group was never favorable for his career, some fans speculated the situations that led to GOT7’s break from his contract.


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