GOT7 approved and sparked fan excitement


JYP Entertainment confirmed GOT7’s comeback with a new comeback and talked about the release date for the new album.

AHGASEs around the world have just received an excellent surprise. After a long wait since the DYE era, GOT7 will be back with more music and preparations are already underway, we tell you the details about JYP Entertainment’s response to the rumors of this new music release.

Several months have passed since the premiere of DYE and the promotions with the song Not By The Moon, since then, GOT7 fans have raised their voices for a better treatment for the idol group within their company and have also requested the announcement of a new musical era.

The wait is about to come to an end, after SPOTV revealed the possibility that GOT7 is about to make a comeback, JYP Entertainment responded by confirming part of the report.


Although reports indicated that it could be a new album at the end of November, the singers’ agency clarified that it is true that JB, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom are preparing for their comeback in the K industry. -Pop, however, specified that there is no set date yet.

Meanwhile, GOT7 fans have celebrated this incredible news by taking over social media and sharing their excitement in anticipation of new record material.

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