GOT7 Announced To Hold Comeback In October


Fans seem to have missed the GOT7 members getting together and making music together again.

It is known that GOT7 last made their comeback in April with the single “Dye” and when the promotion period ended, the members were busy with their individual schedules again.

In BamBam’s latest VLIVE broadcast, he stated that GOT7 is busy with a joint project and asked fans to keep abreast of their development.

Not only BamBam, in his recent birthday VLIVE live broadcast, Jinyoung also said that all the members had met and revealed that the seven members will hold a live broadcast together in about 2-3 weeks, namely Mid-October.

Fans also found that the statement referred to in Jinyoung’s live broadcast corresponds to an analysis from the company Ebest Investment Securities which revealed that there will be a GOT7 album released in October.

Do you really miss GOT7?

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