Gossip Girl: Who’s Who In The HBO Max Series Reboot?



Gossip Girl: The reboot of Gossip Girl debuted this Thursday (8), on the streaming platform HBO Max, and conquered social networks. With references to original characters such as Blair, Nate, Chuck and Serena, the plot takes on a new perspective with the identity of the Girl from the Blog being revealed in the very first episode. The cast is diverse and the characters very interesting.

But since only the first episode has been released so far, we’re still a little lost with who’s who on Gossip Girl. That’s why we’ve prepared this complete guide to the Gossip Girl cast and characters so you’ll be on top of everything!

See who’s who in the Gossip Girl reboot:

Julien Calloway

Played by Jordan Alexander of Sacred Lies, JC is very similar to the original it girl, Serena van der Woodsen. She is the most popular girl at school and Instagram, model and digital influencer. But even with all that status, she’s still a good and kind person. She is the leader of the group of friends and has a stepsister that she knows personally in the first episode, Zoya. Both should play a central role in the plot.

Monet of Haan

When comparing the reboot with the original version, Monet would probably be a mix between Blair and Georgina Sparks minions. A character that will really cause a lot of confusion on the show. She is played by Savannah Smith, this being the first role of the actress. Monet is like JC’s public relations specialist and seems to have a taste for disaster. Strong and independent, Monet isn’t the kind of girl you’d want to pick a fight with.

Luna La

Luna is also one of JC’s biggest followers and, due to her fashionista style, can be compared to Poppy Lifton. Played by Control Z’s ZiĆ³n Moreno, Luna has an impeccable eye for fashion and helps JC with her personal style. She can also be very ruthless and strategic, ensuring that she is always at the top of Constance’s social chain.


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