Gossip Girl: the reboot postponed because of the coronavirus!


Sad news for all Gossip Girl fans! The reboot was officially postponed because of the coronavirus!

Definitely… The production companies are suffering! Many series have been postponed … Like the reboot of Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl fans are exhausted! The new version of the series is out of date! What a great disappointment for those who have always loved following the adventures of Blair Waldorf and his friend Serena!

It must be said that the series was very successful from its first release in 2007. Fans really enjoyed the world of the Upper East Side in New York.

When news of a Gossip Girl reboot broke out, Internet users shouted for joy. The reason ? The latter will act as a sequel to the original version on HBO Max.

Fans are also very happy to find former Gossip Girl stars! This has been discussed, but not yet confirmed.

Only here … The health crisis had a catastrophic impact on the series!


And for good reason ! The spread of the coronavirus was so rapid that it was necessary to put in place containment procedures. So there were no exceptions! Everything was on stand-by!

And one thing is certain! Production companies have suffered. Almost all the shootings are therefore postponed. Even canceled!

This is the case with the Gossip Girl reboot in 2021! This is what Kevin Reilly, content director of HBO Max, revealed to our colleagues from Vulture.

“They hadn’t even started production yet. They were in pre-production and ready to shoot. Things that would have been very symbolic and popular have therefore been pushed back. ”

As a reminder, this reboot is not the only one that is behind HBO Max. But the platform intends to make its grand launch this Wednesday, May 27!

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