Chuck Bass has been one of the most desired characters in the Gossip Girl series. Of course, more than his physique, for his “bad boy who ends up being good” personality. Ed Westwick was only 20 years old when he was hired by The CW to bring this character to life that would change his life. The English actor became one of the young fashion actors of television.

Of course, he had never dared to pack abs. Either because he didn’t have them or because he didn’t feel like it. Well, it seems that things have changed and now the Briton takes any opportunity to wear six pack.

A few weeks ago, Ed shared a photo where, as a teenager, he decided to look great by climbing his shirt in the middle of a supermarket. The snapshot, more typical of the Tuenti era than Instagram, was accompanied by the following message: “Do you not hate spam calls?” Given that Westwick puts a can of canned food called Spam in the ear as a telephone, the photo may make sense.

Of course, far from their followers and followers catching the joke, the comments they left went more to the compliments for having achieved abdominal and oblique worthy of mention.

The actor wanted to show his six million followers that, although the suit was great when he was Chuck Bass, now he looks great shirtless. Come on, Ed wanted to show that he is taking the gym seriously.

Well, last weekend, following the same line, Ed’s good looks again on his Instagram account. This time he did it with two black and white photos and with the face of few friends. This time, we understand snapshots better and teaching chub is justified. “When you have nothing to wear,” he wrote in the publication. Of course, behind we see a very beautiful dressing room with many jackets.


In addition, if Westwick is left with nothing to wear, you can always pull the new collection of shirts that have taken the market and that have to do with … Chuck Bass!

Last November, the actor launched a series of garments with the motto “I’m All About That Bass” and can be obtained through the ChuckBass.Store website.

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Don’t you hate spam calls?

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