Gossip Girl 1×4: Zoya’s Birthday Causes Conflicts (promo)


Gossip Girl: Next Thursday (29), HBO Max subscribers will be able to check out a new episode of the Gossip Girl reboot. The production is being shown weekly on the streaming platform, with major conflicts for viewers. For this reason, an unprecedented preview has already been released, promising major plot twists.

Titled “Fire Walks With Z,” Zoya’s (Whitney Peak) birthday seems to be the big event to be covered in episode 1×4.

However, there are several tensions going on in the corridors of Constance Billard on New York’s Upper East Side, including a Machiavellian plan being devised by Monet (Savannah Lee Smith) and Luna (Zion Moreno). The pair apparently already know several details about the secret Zoya brought from her old school.

Remember that this information was captured by Gossip Girl and passed on to Julien (Jordan Alexander) during the second episode. At that time, motivated by feelings of rejection, the character was willing to do everything to destroy her own sister’s life.

Check out the full preview below:

By all appearances, the teachers behind the Gossip Girl profile will also be interested in Zoya’s birthday, especially given the possibility of sharing new rumors anonymously. Now that they are no longer in danger of being discovered, threats against the group remain at bay.

Gossip Girl 1×4: Learn about the next episode of the HBO Max series

With an approach quite coherent with the current times, the teen series has been showing itself attuned to several subjects. Despite raising the issue of female rivalry, there is plenty of room for the characters’ sorority and self-awareness, including their own maturing.

Julien and Obie (Eli Brown), for example, are willing to be friends, after acknowledging that they both got it wrong in a relationship that was severely tied to appearances. Somehow, the episode aired this Thursday (22) brought very interesting nuances to the series, which should continue to resonate in the coming weeks.

So be sure to check it out! The fourth episode of the Gossip Girl reboot will be released on July 29th via HBO Max.


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