Gossip Girl 1×3: Students and Teachers Face Tensions



Gossip Girl: The third episode of the Gossip Girl reboot will only be available on HBO Max in the early hours of next Thursday (22). For that reason, the streaming platform recently released an unprecedented preview containing some intriguing footage of what’s next in production.

Apparently, the teachers will be called by the Constance Billard board to talk in individual interviews. However, the reason for these meetings has yet to be revealed. Will Kate Keller (played by Tavi Gevinson), one of those responsible for the new Gossip Girl’s Instagram profile, be discovered?

Check out the full preview:

Made up of a new generation of students, the Upper East Side plots are packed with everything that fans of the original Gossip Girl love the most. There are wild intrigues, inconsequential trifles and, of course, lots of drama and romance. The second episode of the production, aired last week, brought up some familiar issues of its protagonists and also of supporting actors.

In this way, it has already been noticed that the students of the traditional New York school have a lot of power in their hands and will do everything to maintain their respective status in society. A direct confrontation between Julien Calloway (Jordan Alexander) and Gossip Girl moved the plot in a surprising way to the audience.