Gospel for Dogecoin and These 4 Altcoins: Famous Company Adds!


easyMarkets adds new altcoin projects to its portfolio. The company lists Dogecoin and 4 popular cryptocurrencies on the platform with distinctive features such as no-slip trading, negative balance protection, and guaranteed stop-loss.

easyMarkets adds Dogecoin and 4 altcoins to its portfolio!

EasyMarkets trading platform has added new cryptocurrency trading options for its users. Clients will now have more options when trading cryptocurrencies with all the unique features offered by the brokerage firm. The platform has added five new cryptocurrency trading pairs in total. Users will be able to trade Zcash, Polygon, Dogecoin, Dash and OmiseGo against the US dollar.

The listed cryptocurrencies are available on all platforms of easyMarkets, including web platform, app and MetaTrader 4. All transactions will be made with no hidden fees or commissions. Users will also be able to take advantage of trades with negative balance protection and free stop loss and take profit orders available. The web platform and trading app offers traders the use of the slip-free trading feature that allows them to execute their orders at the exact price set in the initial order.