Gorr, the butcher god, looked very different in the early concept art “Thor: Love and Thunder”


Marvel fans had to wait a long time to finally get a look at Gorr, the butcher god from the movie “Thor: Love and Thunder,” and although the design has its detractors, some recently appeared concept art shows that Christian Bale’s villain could end up looking very different.

Gorr in the Marvel cinematic universe is played by Bale, whose performance in “Thor: Love and Thunder” earned him a lot of praise for providing some of the best moments of the film. However, this did not prevent many from ridiculing the character’s design as a simple copy of Voldemort, although a decent amount of effort was directed precisely to avoid this comparison.

In this case, the discarded artwork is provided by artist Ken barthelmey (@kenbarthelmey), who worked on “Thor: Love and Thunder” as a designer of creatures and characters. On his Instagram page, Barthelmi leaves some interesting sketches of what could be for Gorr. Barthelmi notes that both of his Gorr layouts were made before Bale was chosen for the role, so naturally the alien or more mythological style of the beast that can be seen here was thrown aside as soon as such a recognizable face appeared.

Among the most notable features of these terrible Monsters are a goatee, crooked teeth, sunken eyes and a peculiar skull, which makes the Butcher God look like a different type of alien. In addition to this art, Barthelmi recently shared another example of how Russell Crowe would look in the image of Satan, a role originally planned for the actor. Instead, Crowe appeared as a cheeky Zeus who perfectly portrays why Gorr, the Butcher God, hates the gods so much.

Although Bale’s role as Gorr has been widely recognized, in the relatively short duration of Thor: Love and Thunder, the film does not find as much time to include as many scenes or moments with him, which has been noted by some critics and fans. one of the disadvantages of the film. “Thor: Love and Thunder” has caused controversy among the typical MCU audience, currently it ranks fourth among the worst Marvel Studios films on Rotten Tomatoes, for example, while not much better in the audience ratings on the Internet.

Despite a promising start at the box office, “Thor: Love and Thunder” dropped, which may have jeopardized any financial goals Disney originally set for the film, especially at a time when “SpiderMan” and “Best Shooter: Maverick” proved it feasible again. to make blockbusters earn a billion dollars. This trend is likely to continue to fuel debate about how much momentum the MCU lost in phase four.

Thor: Love and Thunder” is currently available on Disney Plus.


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