Gorillaz: Band To Win Animated Film On Netflix; See Details!


Gorillaz: The band Gorillaz will win an animated film on Netflix, news shared by vocalist Damon Albarn in an interview with Apple Music. The project is in the script development phase and should bring the visual characteristics of the virtual group to streaming. More details have yet to be revealed, as well as a possible release date.

“We’re making a Gorillaz feature film with Netflix. We’ll have a meeting with them in Malibu this afternoon to work out the script. It’s something really exciting and we’ve wanted to do it for a long time,” commented Albarn.



Gorillaz was created in 1998 by Albarn and Jamie Hewlett, graphic artist and comic book author responsible for the band’s visual identity and music videos. The alternative rock group — but with influences from several other musical genres — currently also features Remi Kabaka Jr., but the trio rarely appears in videos. In their places, four animated members take over the screens and stages: 2-D, Murdoc, Noodle and Russell.

The musician also highlighted that there have already been some attempts to release a film about them. In October of last year, around the time of the latest album “Song Machine, Season One: Strange Timez,” Albarn told Radio.com that they had just signed a contract to start production, at which time he said more about the subject:

“Making an abstract animation film is a big risk for a movie studio because it’s very expensive. I see a lot of people making animated videos these days, but I don’t think they really come up to the quality of ours. [Our universe is more like] Studio Ghibli”, he compared.