Gorillaz and Elton John to collaborate in Pink Phantom


This Thursday the group Gorillaz and Elton John will unite their voices with rapper 6lack as part of the album Song Machine: Season One, the video clip has managed to greatly surprise its fans

Una colaboración unirá a Gorillaz y Elton John en Pink Phantom(Instagram)

Gorillaz, Elton John and rapper 6lack debuted a collaboration together on Thursday, which is part of Song Machine: Season One.

Before the album’s release on October 23, the band released “The Pink Phantom”, the last episode of their production.

Hours before, John shared in networks his excitement at being able to perform the song with the band and the rapper.

I’ve always been a Gorillaz fan. The way the song turned out is great, I can’t wait for you to hear it, “the artist posted on his social media.

Song Machine: Season One will also feature collaborations from artists like Robert Smith, St. Vincent, Peter Hook, Skepta, The Cure’s Kano, among others.

Gorillaz will present their new project with a live performance, called “Song Machine Live”, from December 12-13.

Through the video clip you can see both characters full of animations, a hallmark that characterizes the singers of “Feel Good Inc.”

The interpreter of “Sacrifice” was no exception and also appears caricatured with the style of the characters that usually appear in the Gorillaz videos in addition to his peculiar glasses.

In the company of his iconic pink piano, one of the favorite colors with which he always stars in most of his appearances, Elton appears in the foreground giving a preview of this new release in music.


It was the singer Elton John himself who revealed the way in which they achieved this union, pointing out that he was in London at the time, reiterating that he was happy with the results.

Here’s “The Pink Phantom”. Even working remotely, I was in London, collaborating with Damon on this was such an engaging and creative process. I am very, very happy that this happened and I hope you enjoy the song, ”the caption reads.

It is worth mentioning that in “The Pink Phantom”, in addition to the participation of the famous protágonista of “Rocketman”, Sir Elton John also collaborates 6LACK. This song is the seventh song that has been released from “Song Machine”, the new Gorillaz album that will be available this month.

The new song forms an electronic ballad where the voice of the legendary British artist stands out completely alongside the voice of 6LACK’s rap.


There is a possibility that 6LACK, has some weight only for fans of rap, and perhaps its fame does not transcend how that of Gorillaz or Elton John,

However, the musician who is really named Ricardo Valdez Valentine Jr., is an American rapper, singer and songwriter, who received recognition after the release of his album “Prblms”.

He has also received three Grammy Award nominations and won an award from the MTV Video Music Awards.

As for Gorillaz, the British virtual band created in 1998 by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett rose to fame with their first song in addition to the own style that they printed in their songs, generally accompanied by animated music videos, in traditional animation and computer animation. .

The band’s first single was “Clint Eastwood” and was released on March 5, 2001, reaching No. 4 in the UK.

The style of the band has varied for different media since while some classify it as a hybrid between dub, hip-hop, lo-fi indie and world music, PopMatters has considered it a fusion of elements of hip-hop, rock and electronic music in pop music, but according to Allmusic Gorillaz defines his style as a mixture of britpop and hip-hop.


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