Gorgeous Kelly Vedovelli in a red dress on Instagram!


Columnist Kelly Vedovelli reveals herself in a stunning red dress on social media! We give you more details. Kelly Vedovelli appears in a pretty red dress on Instagram!

The pretty TPMP columnist shared a brand new Story. On her Instagram account, Kelly Vedovelli is revealed in a very pretty red dress.

The pretty woman took a picture of herself in front of her mirror to show off her outfit to her thousands of fans. Indeed, it should be known that the young woman is followed by more than 691,000 subscribers on the social network.

Fans who follow her very closely elsewhere. Even the pretty blonde doesn’t show them much on social media anymore.

Indeed, the youngster initially disabled all comments on her posts. Thus, his subscribers could no longer give their opinion on his photos.

The latter still continue to like his publications. Indeed, she easily reaches the bar of 10,000 or even 20,000 likes on her photos.

Kelly Vedovelli had explained her choice several months ago. She said that the negative comments annoyed her.

So she decided to take a radical decision! Lately, the young woman has completely disappeared from the social network.

This time the young woman decided to delete all her posts! Indeed, when you go to your Instagram account, there are only 2 photos left.

A selfie with her dog. Where she asks her subscribers to choose between the two. And a photo of a sunset, posted a week ago. What happened to the young woman?


The young woman is therefore back on the social network after a long absence. Indeed, Kelly Vedovelli had disappeared from Instagram for several weeks.

Besides, we didn’t see her on TV anymore either. Yet the young woman is a columnist on the flagship program of the C8 channel.

She is indeed part of Cyril Hanouna’s team. The young woman, who is usually very active on social networks and close to her community, has therefore decided to distance herself.

Which did not fail to worry his many fans. On December 20, she posted a message explaining that she wanted to “live in the moment.”

Kelly Vedovelli later indicated that she had taken a few days of vacation. She also says she needed to quit Instagram for a little while.

We imagine that anguish and stress pushed him to the exit door. In fact, the young woman had started the year with a great meatball.

As Cyril Hanouna’s team debated Karine Le Marchand’s new show, the young woman stepped in to tell the story of a loved one. So she explains that she loved the program.

“I’ve found it to be good for the people it can help. For example I have a cousin who underwent this operation, is it IVF? She says. Except that she wanted to talk about a sleeve!

The latter is an operation to reduce the stomach. While IVF is a medically assisted reproduction technique …


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