Gorgeous Emily Ratajkowski in a Dress for Inamorata!


Emily Ratajkowski strikes again! The star showed off her curves with an Inamorata dress. And the result is very sexy! We show you!

Emily Ratajkowski is no longer hiding! Indeed, the top loves to display her baby bump on the web. And she doesn’t hesitate to imagine super sexy looks to show off her new forms. We show you …

Emily Ratajkowski surprised when she revealed her pregnancy on Vogue’s front page last October. Indeed, no one expected to see the young woman several months pregnant. So this announcement had the effect of a bomb on the web!

Since this shoot, the pretty brunette has decided not to hide anymore. Indeed, the future mother is a fan of her new forms. And she doesn’t hesitate to take some really sexy pictures to show it off!

Emily Ratajkowski multiplies the scorching shootings to reveal her rounded belly. And not a day goes by without her igniting the web with her shots! Unbelievable !

But the star doesn’t stop there! And for good reason: she also played the models for the promotion of her new collection Inamorata. And the result is pretty sexy!


Yesterday, Emily Ratajkowski therefore posed with a new piece from her collection. We can thus discover it with an ultra tight strapless dress. We love !

The it girl strikes a pose in her living room and shows off her new body. Her dress perfectly hugs her curves and gives a glimpse of her baby bump.

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The photo of the Emily Ratajkowski Turns Social Networks Upside Down

Emily Ratajkowski flaunts without make-up and stares into the camera with a fiery gaze. Even pregnant, the top then continues to raise the temperature. Her sexy photo was unanimous!

The star collects more than 13,000 likes in just a few hours. And as always, many Internet users compliment her in the comments. Something to please the future mother!


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