Gordian Quest: The Best Ranger Builds


Ranger Bertram from Gordian Quest is a great choice for players who want to experience the strategic side of the Gordian Quest card battle. Focusing on dealing damage and blocking the battlefield with traps and turrets, Bertram will be a great help for any group that wants to create a strong front line and inflict damage to enemies with a rain of arrows. Unlike the much—maligned D&D ranger class, the Ranger in Gordian Quest is one of the best options for players who would like to control the battlefield and take full advantage of controlling enemy movement and gameplay.

Recently released from Steam Early Access, Gordian Quest combines the card combat that made Slay the Spire so popular with dice rolls and performance testing of classic board games like Dungeons and Dragons. Over the course of a campaign lasting from 15 to 30 hours, players assemble a group of adventurers from ten characters, each based on traditional D&D character classes. The player leads them through combat encounters and classic D&D-style events, pitting their characters against performance checks and the whims of several virtual dice. Gordian Quest proudly carries its inspiration in D&D, and game developers refer to it and classic video games such as Ultima and Diablo as the main sources of inspiration. The game has generated positive reviews, especially from critics and players who want to quench their thirst for building a deck.

Ranger Bertram has several viable builds that allow him to perform various roles in the squad, including rear-end damage, trap master, and turret engineer. All of these builds are focused on controlling enemies, but in different ways, whether it’s moving across the field to hit them with debuffs, setting traps to immobilize them in place, or constantly destroying the enemy’s front line with a barrage of turrets. While D&D fans are waiting for the release of D&D 5.5, in which they hope to update and revitalize the Ranger class, Bertram is one of the funniest characters to play for in Gordian Quest at the moment.

Assembling the sniper ranger Bertram

The Sniper Ranger build focuses on dealing damage through long-range attacks, taking advantage of Bertram’s skill with a bow. This build relies heavily on players choosing ranged attack cards such as Far Shot and Shatter Hit, which deal physical damage to one target or multiple targets at the same time. The optimal way to play in the Sniper build is to start with Arrow ability cards, such as Improved Arrow and Light Arrow, which target enemies in order to activate bonus effects on future Main Shot ability cards. When a player targets an enemy with a Primed Shot card, a bonus effect can be triggered. Some Dungeons and Dragons ranger subclasses deal a lot of damage, but Shooter Bertram can beat them. If a player uses a card like “Infernal Arrow” with an ability like “Piercing Shot”, the opponent takes damage from the “Piercing Shot”, but also gets a “Burn” effect, since the player activated the enemy in advance.

This can make the Sniper build extremely powerful when cards such as Sprint and Sidestep are included in the player’s deck, as it gives Bertram extra mobility, allowing him to hit enemies that were previously out of reach. The player must also include other cards that allow Bertram to cycle cards onto the battlefield, such as the “Draw Bow”, which cycles additional “Ground Shot” cards, as this allows Bertram to have a deck with a constant influx of damage-dealing abilities down a storm of arrows. Bows are common in D&D, but in Gordian Quest they do excellent damage in area. Players should aim for a good balance of Arrow cards, Ground Shot cards, and Tactical Mobility cards to maximize the damage done by Bertram in this build.

To make the Sniper even more formidable, the player must try to insert attribute points into Bertram’s Strength and Agility. However, players should remember that some of Bertram’s mobility cards also benefit from Intelligence, so they should also add a few attribute points to this characteristic. The initial Ranger or Mark Eye decks are an excellent choice for this build, with Ranger offering a more balanced arrangement, and Mark Eye includes ability cards that deal damage in ranged combat.

Assembling the Hunter Ranger Bertram

The Trapper’s build focuses on setting traps throughout the battlefield to hinder enemy mobility and cause indirect damage. This is slightly different from many other D&D ranger subclasses and requires some strategic thinking from the player. Bertram can not only set traps using ability cards such as Steel Traps or Poison Laced Trap, but also use abilities such as Back Kick and Lure to move enemies into them.