Gordian Quest: The best builds of clerics


For beginners in the Gordian Quest deck—building role-playing game, the Cleric class is one of the easiest ways to immerse yourself in the game. Earlier this week, Gordian Quest officially came out of early access, and now players can enjoy a 15-30-hour campaign inspired by classic board games such as Dungeons and Dragons. However, for those players who are not familiar with deck-building games or classic fantasy, choosing from ten different Gordian Quest characters and creating a well-balanced group can be intimidating. The universal Cleric class is a great choice for players who are just starting to learn the combination of D&D and card combat in Gordian Quest.

For strangers: Gordian Quest is a mix of card battles of games like Slay the Spire, with character classes and D&D performance checks using dice. Players can create a group of ten suggested characters, each with several potential builds and stacks of ability cards to devastate their enemies or protect, strengthen and heal their fellow adventurers. The game has generated a lot of positive reviews, and despite being heavily inspired by D&D, it remains very accessible thanks to the excellent selection of Gordian Quest characters for newcomers to D&D.

Chief among the best characters for new players is the cleric Katerina. In traditional D&D, a cleric takes on the role of a caster, using divine magic to devastate his enemies and heal and strengthen his allies. However, players who choose Katerina in Gordian Quest will find that she has something more than witchcraft at her disposal. Unlike the traditional mythology of D&D clerics, Katerina is a holy warrior and a great versatile character with a wide variety, including builds for physical combat with high damage, witchcraft and healing. With the right build, Katerina can deal an incredible amount of damage to a single target or area, strengthen her allies and weaken enemies, or focus solely on healing magic.

The Creation of Katerina’s Divine Cleric

Players who want to create something similar to a traditional D&D cleric can focus on the divine archetype of Katerina. The divine archetype focuses on holy magic and witchcraft, creating a deck that focuses on spell ability cards with a wide range of effects. This involves dealing heavy damage to multiple targets at the same time with powerful magical abilities, such as Righteous Flame, which deals fire damage and burns targets, causing them to take even more damage at the beginning of the next turn.

Although Katerina differs in many ways from the traditional D&D clerics who couldn’t wield swords, the Divine Assembly is quite traditional. A full-fledged deck of divine cards also includes cards that use Katherine’s magic in other ways; players should focus on including spell cards that deal damage as well as impose other debuffs, such as Vulnerability that causes enemies to take more damage from other attacks. The “Deity” build makes Katerina a powerful support character, pushing enemy characters to ensure that the members of the group deal even more damage, while she deals damage. Divine cleric Katerina can also strengthen her group; players must also include cards such as Cleansing Circle and Immunity Aura to remove debuffs and provide protection to other members of the group.

Players who want to collect the Divine Cleric Katerina should choose the starting decks of the cleric or the reverend at the beginning of the game, as they include a good combination of spells that deal damage in the early stages. Unlike the D&D clerics in the early game, Katerina starts by being able to deal a lot of damage and defend well. As for attributes, players should focus on pumping attribute points into Katerina’s Intelligence characteristic, since most spell cards in the Divine Assembly are enhanced by a strong Intelligence characteristic.

The creation of the Holy Warrior Catherine

The Holy Warrior build transforms Katerina into a one-woman army that focuses on securing the front row of the group and hitting enemies who try to get around her. The Holy Warrior Katerina focuses exclusively on inflicting great physical damage, creating a deck of physical ability cards that, in fact, allow Katerina to crush single targets. Cards that work well for Holy Warrior deal a large amount of physical damage, including Sustained Strike, which deals damage and heals Katerina a little, and Divine Hammer, which not only deals damage to the chosen enemy, but also hits neighboring targets.

However, D&D board battles reward creativity, and players who want to create a great Holy Warrior build should also be creative, not limited to damage and including defensive ability cards in their deck. This includes “Interference”, which allows Katerina to protect other members of the group by taking damage on herself, and also creates a defensive guard to block damage, or “Armor Reinforcement”, which strengthens Katerina’s armor and binds her to her current position, allowing her to absorb attacks.