Gord: ex-CDPR strategy game brings dark theme


Gord: Independent developer Covenant, founded by former CD Projekt Red Stan Just, unveiled Gord’s first official trailer, dark fantasy RTS that has roots in Slavic folklore.

In Gord, players must do their utmost to deliver the Tribe of Dawn to glory, exploring elements of building and fortifying bases, improving resources and surviving to be able to contain hordes of creatures such as spiders, demons and powerful beings. Thus, in addition to taking care of the health of all members of the district, it will be necessary to maintain sanity at stable levels, avoiding the risk of despair, fear, death and escape.

According to the studio, the strategy title will include dynamic ambience, adding random elements of scenarios that should be used to develop new combat approaches and construction tactics. It is worth emphasizing that the whole experience can be personalized, including types of enemies, available resources, climate and much more. Check out the trailer below.

Gord is scheduled to be released in 2022 exclusively on PCs.


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