GoPro unites two mobile apps under Quik roof


GoPro has been working to bring two mobile apps together in a single app since 2019. This project is finally completed. The company brought GoPro and Quik apps together under one roof. GoPro’s two mobile apps will now go under the name Quik.

You don’t need to have a GoPro device to use Quik. The focus of the application is on managing media libraries and re-discovering favorite memories.

Many photo library management applications use artificial intelligence to organize libraries and create special clips with the memories there. GoPro’s approach looks a bit older. Users send their photos and videos to Quik via the sharing page on iOS or Android. After the application is installed, users are expected to transfer their favorite photos and videos to Quik regularly. Users will be able to save their edited content over the original photo or video in the library.

The photos and videos that users have transferred to Quik are displayed in the section called Mural. As more photos and videos are added here, they are organized around events and special videos are created. GoPro states that this feature will improve as more photos and videos are uploaded. There are also tools in the application that allow users to edit the created video.