GoPro Labs releases experimental features for users


Curious to try out what’s new for your GoPro? Users of the brand’s cameras will be able to use features in the GoPro Labs direct testing phase, including reading functions via QR Code and ReelSteady image stabilization.

According to the company, GoPro Labs is not a venue for beta versions of future features, but tools that have been or are being worked on by the development team.

In this first moment, the resources available on the platform come from internal hackathons. “These tools may never be officially released, but they are cool enough to give you a ‘taste’,” he said in a statement. “Consider this as a check on the innovative features that our engineers are‘ playing around with. ”

One of the most anticipated news is the result of the acquisition of GoPro in March, ReelSteady. Popular with drone owners, ReelSteady does a good job of stabilizing video via software. GoPro Labs finally introduces the tool to GoPro devices.

Another interesting feature added in the GoPro Labs firmware is the scanning of QR Codes to control the cameras. By pointing the device at a QR Code assigned to the task, GoPro will enable the expected feature – be it motion detection, speed and timer for captures.

This can be applied to establish some routine task for the camera, such as recording timelapse videos at certain times of the day, simple daily captures or filling the camera with contact information for the owner.

Curious application

In an example of how the QR Code can be used, GoPro showed the work of John Reed. Three days before launching a capsule with supplies for a space station, Reed programmed HERO8 Black devices to wake up and capture the journey into space.

The result of this is a launch captured from different angles with great advance, guaranteeing beautiful images and security to John Reed.

To understand how to install GoPro Labs firmware and check out the tools not yet released, visit the official website of the program.


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