GoPro Hero8 Black gets super stabilization and new features


GoPro recently released new firmware for the Hero 8 Black camera with new features. The update gives access to the GoPro Labs platform, which features experimental features. It is basically a version of the software for “beta” users.

As it is a version of the experimental software, the company reinforces that many resources are not available to the final public. “We don’t promise that any of them will be released on camera, but they are cool and are ready enough for us to give you a taste,” says the company.

GoPro Labs is not, in fact, a beta program. The resources that the company makes available now have been tested and used at some point. On the other hand, they were not released in the final version of the camera.

“Many of these features were original in internal hackathons, but were not attributed to the launch of the [Hero 8 Black] camera,” says the statement from GoPro.

What’s new?

If you have a GoPro Hero 8 Black, you can install the firmware on this page. GoPro brings two good news for the model with this version of the system. One of them is ‘ReelSteady GO Optimization’, which optimizes the Hero 8 Black shutter to be more functional with the stabilization feature.

However, the coolest news is the possibility to use QR codes for camera controls. In this case, the user can program some feature – such as time lapses for days or remote controls – by pointing the camera at the code on the cell phone.

Possibilities include activating a timer to capture remotely; detect movements to start or stop recording videos; use GPS to detect speed and initiate an automatic capture; record longer time lapses and more.

The action camera also allows larger files to be produced. The current limit is 4 GB, but changes to 12 GB in the new firmware. Users who install the firmware will remain with the current features of the camera, but with these additional features.