GoPro Hero 10 Black introduced: 5.3K 60FPS!


GoPro Hero 10 Black, about which many claims have been made in recent weeks, was finally introduced with the 5K 60FPS feature.


The GoPro Hero 10 Black, which has been on the agenda with its leaks in recent weeks, has finally been announced. There were high expectations regarding the frame rate from this new action camera from GoPro. The highly anticipated next-generation action camera has now been officially introduced.

What are the GoPro Hero 10 Black specs?

Our expectation for GoPro’s next-generation action camera was to offer 60FPS in 5K resolution. The camera, which is technically 5.3K resolution, gives us the output as 5K for some reasons on the technical side. In previous generation action cameras, we now counted 60FPS in 4K resolution as a standard. It looks like GoPro, one of the top action camera manufacturers, is moving to the next standard with the new Hero 10 Black.

There are also 4K 120FPS and 2.7K 240FPS video options. In other words, the resolutions in GoPro Hero 9 remain as an option in the new generation.

The GP1 processor, which had been on the scene since Hero 6, was finally retired and replaced by GP2. The fact that GoPro designs its own processors perfects the small but noticeable details of the camera. Integration becomes simpler, especially for the support that must be provided by software. That’s why we have high expectations from the pioneer of the new generation, the GP2.

If you are shooting for long hours, you will immediately charge your camera when you return to your home or office. It is now possible to transfer the videos you take to cloud services while charging. This feature is a boon for those who are in a hurry to edit the video.

GoPro Hero 10 Black price

Along with the new generation, previous generations of GoPro are still on sale. Prices in the current portfolio are as you can see below:

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