Google’s Sister Company’s Internet Balloon Sets a Record


An internet balloon of Loon, which operates under Alphabet, like Google, broke a record by staying in the air for 312 days. Loon, with these balloons, brings internet to regions where internet infrastructure is not available.

Loon, one of the subsidiaries of Alphabet, Google’s roof company, aims to offer an air wireless network that offers internet speeds of up to 1 Mbps to rural or uninhabited regions with high-altitude balloons ranging from 18 to 25 kilometers from the ground. An air balloon sent to the atmosphere by Loon managed to set a remarkable record recently.

Loon’s high-altitude air balloon, codenamed HBAL703, set a new record by staying in the stratosphere for 312 days. The balloon moved on its route over the Southern Hemisphere during that time.

The fact that internet balloons stay in the air for 312 days at a time is an extremely important development for Loon. Such that; Loon’s longest flight in a single previous flight lasted 223 days. This shows that the company has increased the duration of the internet balloons by almost 50 percent.

Loon’s internet bubbles showed their significance, especially in 2017 when Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico. Internet balloons, which started to serve in the region, provided internet service to 100 thousand people affected by the hurricane. In addition, Loon has started providing 4G service to thousands of people in rural parts of Kenya in recent months.

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