Google’s new feature focused on YouTube


We are used to seeing shopping-oriented moves from social media platforms. In particular, the shopping feature, which appears as a direct button on Instagram, has been on Google’s search tabs for years. She rolls up her sleeves and begins testing to move Google Shopping to a new platform.

Brings Google Shopping feature to YouTube videos

Many people are shopping more and more online now. As such, we encounter new features in the monopoly of applications. Google is also testing a new feature to allow its users to shop directly from YouTube videos. This service, which was developed to more easily buy products recommended by channels with thousands of followers on YouTube, is currently in the testing phase.

If the feature is available, it will appear as a shopping bag icon in the lower left corner of the video screen. This means that creators can add specific products to their videos. If you click on this shopping bag icon on the screen, YouTube will display a list of featured items.

Currently tested for users in the US, the feature not only provides information about the products featured in the video, but also includes watching and purchasing videos about that product. The feature will also be designed to be accessible on Android, iOS and Web versions of YouTube.

As we said before, many popular platforms, including Instagram and WhatsApp, offer enhancements to add shopping features. Therefore, it is not surprising that Google is trying to bring the same to the YouTube side.


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