Google’s Grasshopper Teaches You To Program For Free


Grasshopper is a platform aimed at teaching programming. In it, you can learn from the basic functionalities of codes, to specialize in a certain type of language, animations, matrix method, and even website development.

The project was created within Google, in the famous project incubator known by the name Area 120. It is formed by programmers who seek to help young people and adults in careers that involve programming language, bringing educational courses to help from laypeople to the subject, even those who are already working in the area.

The platform’s arrival in Brazil is part of a Google project that aims to teach programming to reach a greater number of people, so that they can have more opportunities in the job market. And the consequence of this is the economic recovery in the country, which is going through a moment of crisis, mainly due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

How to access Grasshopper

To access the platform, the procedure is very simple. Check out:

1. Access the Grasshopper website from your PC or smartphone;

2. Then login with your Google account;

3. After logging in, access the tutorial with the first steps;

4. Next you will be taken to the screen where you will learn the basics of programming in a very intuitive system. As the exercises are successfully completed, you will move on to the next tasks until you complete all steps in the courses.

How Grasshopper Works

The platform brings a gradual didactic system, that is, you will evolve the level of difficulty of the exercises as you progress in class. Some of them are blocked and only released after the student shows that he/she has the knowledge to proceed with the more complex lessons.

For example, in the first contact with the system, you must obligatorily finish the Fundamentals classes. They explain the basics of programming, with simple examples and features that make learning a lot easier. After completing this phase, you can proceed to the “Getting Started”, where you choose which theme you want to follow.


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