Google’s Free Backup Service One Released for Android


Google launched its Google One service, which enables devices to be backed up in the Android and iOS ecosystem, to Android users. The backup service, which can be used on the iOS platform soon, offers free up to 15 GB of space.

Cloud backup services have gained great importance, especially in recent years. In this context, some technology companies offered their own backup services to the users. The last step of this came from Google, and the company has now created a very useful service for users to back up their phones.

US-based tech giant Google launches its new service “Google One”, available in the Android and iOS ecosystem. This service, which will save the lives of many users, allows smart phones to be easily backed up. Moreover, Google One offers users an impressive 15 GB of storage for free.

One service offered by Google is actively used by users in the Android ecosystem. However, if you are a member of the iOS platform and want to use Google One, you will have to wait a little longer. Google says that the One application developed for the iOS platform will be in use soon. So what exactly does Google One offer users?

Users will store their data in the cloud after starting their Google One subscription. At this point, up to 15 GB of storage will be used free of charge. Users who need more than this size of storage will be able to purchase additional storage by making certain payments. Moreover, the company has set prices that we can call suitable for huge storage areas.

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Here are the additional storage prices of the Google One service

Google One’s mobile app and website, launched into the Android ecosystem, has a detailed storage management panel for users. This panel controls how many backups users have in which categories, what data that is backed up is unnecessary and ensures that this data is deleted with the user’s permission. For example, emails that are stored in Google One and are in the spam category can be deleted with a click on this panel.

Apple recently introduced the backup service, which it called “iCloud”. This way, users can back up data on their iPhone or iPad to iCloud, and they can easily access it when they need it. The Google One service is designed to meet exactly this need. So much so that you will be able to access your Google One backups from wherever you can access your Google account, and if there are any problems on your Android or iOS devices, you will be able to easily reset your device without looking back.


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