Google’s covid-19 tracker will arrive on Android via Play Store

In order to provide even more information to the public about the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus, large companies have been studying ways to reach more people to stop the contamination. Now, in an attempt to circumvent the challenges of processing personal data, Google may have come up with a solution. The company will use the Play Store infrastructure, its Android app store, which will be responsible for making updates about the disease available to OS users.

The news can be accessed through any devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or newer. Thus, the company hopes that the information dissemination process can be optimized.

Still, there is a concern that operating system updates may prevent older smartphone users from accessing updates, given the system’s dependence on new versions being made available by manufacturers.

Initially, people will be allowed to use Bluetooth to disclose that they have been infected – anonymously, of course. Then, Google’s own and third-party tracking features will be built into Android, which is expected to happen in the coming months.

As Chinese companies cannot use key Google services, a special framework will be developed for devices in that country.

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