Google’s Chrome Add-on that allows you to Link Text on Sites


Google has released a new plugin for Chrome. This plugin, called Link to Text Fragment, allows texts on websites to be shared with their URLs. As a result of a feature compatible with Chromium’s versions 80 and above, the add-on is available to all users at the moment.

US-based technology giant Google is also the developer of the world’s most popular internet browser, Chrome. The company tries to make Chrome more functional and increase the number of users with the updates and add-ons it publishes.

The new plug-in, just 50 KB, published by Google for Chrome, allows a section selected from the text on any website to be shared with the URL of the page containing the text. Moreover, when the person you share the text with clicks on the URL, the page that appears on the page that appears is highlighted in color.

The new plug-in published by Google for Chrome is called “Link to Text Fragment”. Installing this plugin, Chrome users can create a URL for only selected sections of text on their website. If it sounds confusing, let’s move on to how the plugin works …

Let’s say there is a section that is important to you in any news of Webtekno and you want to share this section especially with someone. After installing the plugin, you go to that news on Chrome and select the section that is important to you in the news and right click. When you perform these operations, you will see a menu like this;

After clicking the “Copy Link to Selected Text” button, you need to decide how to share that link. You can save this link, which you can share via e-mail or applications such as WhatsApp, in a file for yourself. After clicking this link, when you reach the news again, the entire web page will open, but the section you selected will be highlighted as you can see in the screenshot below.

The new add-on that Google has released for Chrome is actually the result of a new feature of Chrome. This feature, which is named as Link to the Text Piece, enables links to sections in any text on any website.

The new add-on that Google created for Chrome is compatible with all versions of Chromium-based Internet browsers 80 and above, but is not supported on all browsers. In addition, Google states that they are not saying that they will make this feature of Chromium based Firefox and Safari available.


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