Google’s Autofill Service Comes with Biometric Verification


Google is testing to add a new feature to its auto-fill service in its Chrome browser and Android devices. With this feature, users go through biometric verification before auto-filling.

Nowadays, in order to ensure our own security on the internet, it is necessary to create complex and difficult to guess passwords. However, it is recommended that we use the password on other platforms. As a result, we generate many different passwords and forget them.

At this point, the browsers we use and the password managers provided by some services provide us a great convenience. One of these services, Google’s auto-fill service, is available on both Chrome browsers and Android devices.

Biometric verification comes to AutoFill with Google:

Google is experimenting with a new feature in the auto-fill service. The new feature also includes biometric security measures that we frequently use in our devices. The company is considering adding biometric measures to its auto-fill service. With the new feature discovered by XDA-Developers, the auto-fill service with Google will now register your fingerprints and face on the platform. This feature will be supported on every platform that uses Google’s new biometric API. Eye scanning systems on some Samsung devices will also be supported by this service.

With this new feature that comes with the auto-fill service, you’ll be asked for biometric verification when you use the service together to automatically fill in the password or payment method registered for a platform. So when you log in to a site, you will be asked if the password will be filled automatically again, but it will not take place until the biometric verification is done.

The biometric verification feature can be turned on and off from the security settings page of AutoFill with Google. Don’t worry if you don’t see this feature in your settings yet, Google is currently only testing this option. It is not yet clear if the feature will be available for every user in the future. To turn on AutoFill with Google from your Android device, you can follow System> Languages ​​and login> Advanced> Auto-fill service in your device settings. You can also access the settings of the service here.

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