Google’s 3D animals are a hit on the Internet; know how to use


3D animals in Google search have been quite successful on the Internet since the weekend. The Augmented Reality (AR) tool caught the attention of Twitter users on Saturday (28), who were unaware of the novelty presented by Google in 2019 during the annual Google I / O conference. The resource allows, from the search for animals such as dog, lion and tiger in the search engine, to view 3D models of the figures while they roar, swim, fly and emit their typical sounds.

Google technology also allows you to transport animals in 3D to your living room with the option “see in your space”. Check out the list of animals available in 3D below, and see how to find out if your phone supports Google’s Augmented Reality technology.

1. How does Google’s 3D animal technology work?
AR technology for animal search was announced by Google at the 2019 Google I / O annual conference. With a simple search, you can see animals, planets and even the human skeleton in 3D. It is even possible to interact with the images, approaching them and changing the observation angle. Google’s proposal is not to miss any details with the use of AR, like the ones we miss when looking at just one image.

The search for animals in 3D became popular this past weekend, and Twitter users were surprised by the news. Check out:

2. What animals are available?
According to the technology website 9To5Google, there is currently no official Google list of animals that can be seen in 3D. But so far, some of them that can be observed in augmented reality are: American alligator, bear, cat, dog, cheetah, wolf, duck, eagle, penguin, panda, goat, hedgehog, horse, pony, lion, tiger, macaw, octopus, shark, raccoon, snake and turtle.

3. How to access the animals in 3D?
Do a quick search from the Google app or Chrome on your phone. A panel will be presented with photos of the animal and its scientific name. Slide the screen down and you will see an icon with the 3D image of the animal. Tap on the option “See in 3D” and the image will open.

You can still hear the typical animal noises, and interact with the image by zooming in to see details. The “See in your space” button allows you to see the animal moving around you on a scale, and you can position it on top of a chair to take a photo, for example.

4. How do I know if my phone is supported?
All smartphones with Android 7 or higher and iPhones with iOS 11 or higher have support for the Google search 3D observation tool. The problem is that not everyone can use the “See in your space” feature, since another technology is needed for this, ARCore, which is Google’s Augmented Reality platform. And it is also necessary that the phone has a CPU with enough capacity to run all image variations in real time.

The devices that support this function are: iPhone 6S or higher, including iPhone SE and models of iPad and iPod touch 7th generation. Samsung A line, from A3 to A90 5G, J line with J5, J5 Pro, J7 and J7 Pro, Note line, from 8 onwards and S line, from S7 onwards, in addition to more recent models like the Galaxy Z Flip.

The LG G line from the G6, models Q6, Q7, Q8, V30, V30 +, V35, V40, V50 and V60 Thin Q. Moto G line from the G5S Plus model onwards, Moto Z2 onwards and models of the Motorola One line. In addition, other brands such as Xiaomi, Huawei and Asus also have devices that run the “See in your space” function.

You can also check if your Android phone runs the feature by searching for the Google Play Services AR app on the Google Play Store.


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