Google’s 3D animals get new models on mobile


Google made available on Tuesday (25) new models in Augmented Reality of prehistoric animals, some already extinct and even before the dinosaurs.

Some of the novelties are Opabinia, Cambropopachycope and Aegirocassis, as well as a scaled skeleton of the Blue Whale, the largest living animal that has ever existed on Earth. Among the new 3D figures are also fossils of dinosaurs, sea animals and artifacts from the Bronze Age.

The new 3D models can be found on Google Arts & Culture, an application available for Android and iPhone (iOS) that allows you to explore places, paintings, works of art, games and museums using Augmented Reality technology.

The new 3D models available in the app are the result of a partnership between Google, the Natural History Museum in London and the State Darwin Museum in Moscow. Through the app you can explore prehistoric creatures and ancient objects by going to the page dedicated to the museum in the “Collection” tab. There, you can also find out more about the museum in question and find out its specific location by exploring Google Maps under “Visit”.

You can search for museums by accessing the top menu of the application and tapping on “Collections”. Thus, you will have access to all the institutions available on the platform and can explore them one by one, checking online exhibitions, interacting with the paintings that are part of the museum’s collection and taking a tour of the galleries.

3D animals, objects and paintings can also be explored in this section by sliding the screen down. The operation of the models is similar to that of the tool found in Google search: when you touch the picture you want to view, just select the option “see in augmented reality” to activate the cell phone camera and insert the animal into space. It is possible to increase or decrease the size of the figure, in addition to moving it through the scenery through the smartphone screen.

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The 3D models available on Google Arts & Culture as of today also feature simulations of dinosaur fossils and figures of marine animals, such as starfish and crabs. The app also features exhibits related to space, with the 3D display of the astronaut suit worn by Neil Armstrong on the mission that took the man to the Moon.

Google Arts & Culture’s Augmented Reality tools also allow you to explore places through the app and take a tour of Florence, the city where Leonardo da Vinci was born. Or, visit museums like London’s Tate Modern, without leaving your home. In addition, the app allows you to see paintings in high definition up close and, by pinching your fingers on the canvas, you can examine all the details of famous paintings, in addition to knowing more about the works of Monet, Vermeer and Frida Kahlo, for example .


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